Health insurance

Our private health insurance is for residents of the Netherlands who do not have an income from the Netherlands or an EU country. This is the case if you receive income from an employment contract with a foreign employer, for example outside the European Union. You are not covered by the health insurance act in this situation.

We have created a health insurance policy for these people in collaboration with CZ.

Do you want to take out our private health insurance? You’ll find an application form and health questionnaire on this page. Please fill it out, sign it and send it to our office.

Additional insurance

We advise our customers to take out at least the additional insurance “Basis Collectief”. This covers your healthcare costs abroad up to twice the usual Dutch market rates. With this policy you can enjoy your shore leave without worry.

Dental costs are not automatically insured. You need to have a dentist’s statement on file. The correct form for this will be sent to you automatically by CZ after applying for the policy.

Do you want to know more about the different additional policies? We can show you all your options and tell you what you need to know to make the right decision.

Cancelling your current insurance

Are you a Dutch resident with an income from a foreign employer? Your regular health insurance is no longer valid. We advise you to cancel your current health insurance as soon as possible with your health insurer.

The health insurer will often tell you you can stay insured. We advise you to insist the insurer give you a statement in writing saying they are aware that you are not insured by the Wlz (Wet langdurige zorg, or the long-term care act).

Co-insured family members can continue to make use of existing health insurance policies. Children up to 18 years are insured on your partner’s insurance policy.

Do you receive a healthcare benefit? You will have to cancel this. You are no longer eligible with an income from a foreign employer. If you do not cancel the healthcare benefit, you will have to pay back a lot of money later on. Make sure the healthcare benefit and regular health insurance stop on the same date.

Are you no longer employed by a foreign employer? You can be fined if you don’t disclose this. Please see this page about the investigations of the long-term care act.

Communications about health insurance

Our advice is to communicate matters regarding your health insurance through us. This is especially important when it concerns changes that can influence your policy coverage. When you contact CZ directly, we are often not made aware of this by CZ.


Use these forms to apply for individual health insurance.