Investigations long-term care act

The SVB (Sociale Verzekeringsbank) actively examines whether people are covered by the long-term care act (Wlz). To do this, SVB checks their records and compares it with a reference database from health insurers. If you are not in the database, the SVB concludes you are not insured and will notify the Centraal Administratie Kantoor (CAK).

A letter from CAK

If you are insured by us, it’s possible that you will receive a letter from the CAK claiming you are not insured.

This happens because you are exempt from the long-term care act because of your income from a foreign employer. Because of this, CZ can not add you to SVB’s database. The SVB is then unable to find your information, but they are not aware of your exemption status.

If you receive this letter, you will have to fill out the form "request for assessment of Wlz insurance position". You can send this to the SVB.

Sociale Verzekeringsbank
Postbus 18607
3501 CR Utrecht

The current private healthcare policy you have with CZ stays in effect. If you receive a letter from the CAK, you remain insured.

Does the SVB tell you that you do in fact fall under the long-term care act? Please let us know as soon as possible


Download the request for assessment of Wlz insurance position here.

Fine for failing to disclose ending of employment contract

Is your employment with a foreign employer coming to an end, and are you coming back to the Netherlands? Make sure to notify us right away. If you don’t do this in time, you risk getting fined by the CAK.

Upon your return to the Netherlands, you become eligible for the long-term care act again. This means you are required to have a regular health insurance policy, even if you don’t have a Dutch employer yet.

Are you staying in the Netherlands for longer than three months? Then this regulation applies to you as well.

As soon as we are notified, we pass your information along to CZ. They will replace private health insurance with regular health insurance. In most cases it means your premiums will go down slightly, while coverage stays the same.

The new policy is just like any other regular policy. That means you have the right to switch to a different insurer every year on January 1st.